Reasons to Order Glass Pipes from Toker Glass

Toker Glass is known for offering quality pipes at competitive prices. Our pipes will change and enhance your overall smoking experience. We sell a variety of smoking accessories: hookahs, bubblers, chillums, glass pipes, and water pipes. You can count on us for superior customer service and fast shipping. All orders ship within two days! Browse our site and keep in mind these three reasons why you should buy your pipes from our company: glass pipes are easy to clean, improve flavor, and are considered unique pieces of art.

Easy Cleaning

Our pipes are easy to clean and ready to use the day you receive them. Traditional wooden pipes, such as briar pipes or corn cob styles, need special tools and extra drying time to ensure cleanliness and a pure flavor. Glass pipes only require simple cleaning and sanitizing steps. It is as easy as placing the pipe in boiling water for a short 30 seconds or soaking the pipe in rubbing alcohol. Our glass pipes can be dried with a soft cotton swab and then they are ready for the next smoke.

Enhanced Flavor

Many of our customers love the enhanced substance flavor when smoking one of our pipes. You will immediately notice the difference when you switch from a wooden pipe to glass pipe. We offer many different types and styles to fit your needs and your budget. Email us if you have any questions about our products.

Unique Pieces of Art

All of our glass pipes are hand blown to be unique pieces of art and are made to last for many years with proper care. Due to the nature of blown glass art, each piece of glass is different and we do not have control of the specific color of each product. We do, however, have control of the overall quality and we strive to provide exceptional products every day. We hope to serve a diverse clientele by offering many high-quality and irreplaceable pipes.

We hope you make Toker Glass your preferred choice for smoking accessories after your first purchase. Many of our customers report an unforgettable smoking experience using our products.

Please contact us directly if you have questions about a specific product or shipping processes. Customers must be 18 years or older to purchase from Toker Glass.

Blue Bubbler Blue Bubbler Glass Water Pipe
5.5" Silver Fumed Hammer
Our Price: $14.99
5" Cobalt Blue Hammer Bubbler
Our Price: $14.99

9" Hour Glass Water Pipe
Our Price: $19.99
5.5" Frit Cha Bubbler Glass Water Pipe 4.5" Swirl Swag Bubbler
5.5" Frit Cha Bubbler
Our Price: $24.99

8" Roor Frost Water Pipe
Our Price: $34.99

4.5" Swirl Swag Bubbler
Our Price: $19.99